What We Offer


  • Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB)
  • Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)


  • RS-1 (Rapid Setting)
  • RS- 2 (Rapid Setting)
  • SS-1 (Slow Setting)
  • SS-2 (Slow Setting)
  • MS (Medium Setting)
  • Cold Mix Emulsion

Penetration Grade Bitumen

  • Grade 60/70 and 80/100

Viscosity Grade Bitumen

  • VG-10/20/30/40

Industrial Grade Mastic Bitumen

  • 85/25, 90/15, 115/15

Product Guide

Bitumen & Allied Products

Cationic Emulsions
CRS-1 Tack Coat Application
CRS-2 Surface Dressing Application, Grouting, Penetration Mecadam; Sand Seal
CMS Pot Holes Repairs/Patch Work; 20mm Premix Carpet
CSS-1 IS Prime Coat Application
CSS-1 ASTM Prime Coat Application
CSS-1h Prime Coat; Fog Seal; Crack Seal; Premix Seal Coat; Cold Mixers
K.2 Emulsion Prime Coat
CSS2 Fog Seal; Crack Seal; Slurry Seals; Premix Seal Coat

Microsurfacing Emulsion

STAR BITUMEN PME (Polymerised Modified Emulsion)

Micro Surfacing Emulsions supplies along with Technical service as per specification - IRC SP : 81-2008/IRC SP - 100 - 2014, Star Bitumen can supply customized Micro Surfacing Emulsion & Additive along with services like Mix Design and Field Supervision.

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